Library Loot- 2/21/18

♥♥♥Here’s to the Public Library System and Librarians everywhere! This is the month of love and I’m showing some love by visiting my library, returning material on time (yay!), greeting all the members of the staff as I met them, and even giving advice to a person browsing near me in an aisle ♥♥♥


Books I checked out today are listed below. I don’t claim to read all the books I borrow– because I don’t usually, even though I have 3 weeks to do it in– and I don’t always enjoy them either. But my library is free so I’m not wasting anything but a few minutes of my time if I don’t like what I picked out today. I’m sure I’ll be distracted by my NetGalley arcs and my own personal TBR pile, but here’s to taking chances! Of the 1/2 dozen books I borrowed, I’ve only heard of one title/author so I’m going out on a limb here 🙂


  1. The Temporary Bride: A Memoir of Love and Food in Iran by Jennifer Klinec–

Hatchette Book Group 2014, 230 pgs. paperback

because I’m on a memoir kick lately…


2. On a Highland Shore by Kathleen Givens–

Pocket Books> Simon & Schuster 2006, 380 pgs. paperback

because I was looking for a historical romance…


3. Breaking Wild by Diane Les Becquets–

Berkley> Penguin Random House 2016, 309 pgs. hardcover

because the cover caught my attention and the blurb caught my interest…


4. Out Cold- a Brady Coyne novel by William G. Tapply–

St. Martin’s Minotaur 2006, 292 pgs. hardcover

because I like a good legal mystery and it’s set in Boston…


5. Silence Fallen- Mercy Thompson #10 by Patricia Briggs–

Berkley> Penguin Random House 2017, 364 pgs. hardcover

because I’ve read all but one of those in the series and enjoy it…


6. Healthiest Diet on the Planet by Dr. John McDougall/Mary McDougall–

Harper One>Harper Collins 2016, 254 pgs. hardcover

because my family’s been eating healthier this year





just a note: I like to lurk on book reviewers’ blogs to get a feel for them before following, and then once I do I can kind of guess what they’ll think about a certain type of book. I mostly find new-to-me blogs by checking out the commenters on blogs I already enjoy reading. Thank goodness for this book blogging community… because if I had to rely on Goodreads, I’d be afraid to take a chance on any new-to-me author! I’m currently using GR as an online place to store my “read” & “want to read” virtual shelves since Shelfari  went down. I don’t think it’s worth my time for anything else at this point.

~Enjoy your reading this week and try to visit your library system sometime soon and thank your librarian for a job well done!~