I’m a voracious reader– since age 5– and now closing in on the big 6-0 this year. I buy e-books from Amazon, print books from Barnes & Noble, borrow stacks of library books (and forget to return them/renew them on time), and even exchange books with relatives, though I’m the only true bibliophile in the group! I change up my genre preferences throughout the years, but have always remained an eclectic reader– –never a book snob. I think that whatever you love to read shouldn’t define you, and no one should judge another for their choices. Back in the day I used to run a book blog and have decided to return to this hobby now, since I’m retired and have the time to read when real life doesn’t get in  the way! I like to dabble in some personal writing– journals, short stories and such, but don’t fancy myself a writer, except for my blog 🙂

I spend (way too) much of my recreational funds on reading material– instead of long-distance travel, dining out on gourmet meals, or wearing designer clothes– but through books I get to visit other places and meet new people (okay, characters), so I don’t feel deprived at all! Besides, I’m retired and now get to “march to the beat of my own drummer”. I hope to find some friendly book bloggers out there to chat with me.

best wishes, Kari

p.s. I read any appealing books that I’m able to pick up in the following categories: suspense thrillers, contemporary (female) fiction, crime fiction, literary fiction, historical mysteries, memoirs, nonfiction,  fantasy (more high or dark than urban), small town romances…. so you see… I’m truly eclectic!!